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They are generally stored as pets and are favored by some wizards as familiars. TypePriceWeightGuard25 gp25 lbs.Lap15 gp5 lbs.Riding150 gp50 lbs.Most canines fall into one of many following categories. Other males are castrated and turn out to be oxen, which are used to carry loads and plow fields. Capybaras are brown or snowy white rodents the size of small canine, with long legs and brief, furry tails which are typically used as pets. They are also typically known as “donkey rats” because of their measurement.

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These Diminutive birds usually have brilliant feathers and sing pleasantly. More pragmatically, they’re also utilized in mines to detect bad air, as their small bodies are more delicate to such things; the warning they supply offers humanoids a chance to escape before succumbing to the danger. These creatures are infamous for the overwhelmingly foul odor they produce to ward off predators. Skunks are typically kept as pets, though usually only after their scent glands have been eliminated. However, dire rats raised in captivity may be trained as loyal pets and protectors.

The Destrier has a +four racial bonus to Perception, and a +2 racial bonus to all saving throws. Druids, paladins, and cavaliers with horse as their animal companion or mount gain a +2 on all Survival checks whereas mounted on a Destrier. A War destrier is slower than most horses, and has a velocity of only 30 ft. The mammoth has a +2 racial bonus to Perception, in addition to a +2 racial bonus to Will saves. Ranger, druids, paladins, and cavaliers with horse as their animal companion or mount acquire a +2 on all Survival checks while mounted on a Jack.

animal cage

Diverse omnivores, they’re discovered anyplace the encompassing habitat permits them to stay, together with dungeons and underground. These playful water mammals are either used as familiars or trained to perform tips as pets. They are surprisingly intelligent, and have been known to use rocks as simple tools, corresponding to for opening the shells of mollusks. War destriers routinely have Heavy Armor Proficiency in addition to Greater Bull Rush as bonus feats and usually wear agile half-plate barding.