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They are sometimes kept as pets by the wealthy and those who reside in the tropical climates they favor. Axe beaks raised from eggs are simply skilled as mounts or used as livestock. These Tiny animals eat smaller animals and can be found in nearly any surroundings.

animal cage

These tiny animals are herbivorous and can most often be found in heat forests and jungles. This animal can stand up to 2 hours of compelled march without making a Constitution verify, gaining up to an additional 10 miles of journey in a day. It grants its rider a +four bonus to Intimidate checks while mounted. When traveling underneath chilly circumstances, this horse eats one-and-a-half instances as a lot meals as regular and can solely travel six hours in a day. TypePriceWeightHeavy200 gp2,000 lbs.Heavy, fight trained300 gp3,000 lbs.Light75 gp900 lbsLight, fight trained110 gp1,200 lbs.Pony30 gp800 lbs.Pony, fight trained45 gp900 lbs.This Large quadruped is used as a mount and pack animal.

They are intelligent and curious, traits which are magnified when they are kept as familiars. This description additionally applies to similar animals, such as ferrets, minks, polecats, and stoats. Raccoons are typically stored as pets and utilized by some spellcasters as familiars. Working animals, corresponding to elephants, oxen, and yaks, are common, however the specific type of animal used for labor varies in accordance with local availability. Elephants carry items in jungles whereas yaks pull masses in mountainous regions. In many different components of the world, donkeys, mules, and oxen pull carts or plows.

These Tiny chilly-blooded animals may be present in all warm regions and are often quite colorful. They eat bugs and have the ability to stroll up walls and hold upside down. Varieties of extra intelligent lizards are often selected by wizards as familiars. These small plump birds are generally stored as pets, but are more usually used as familiars for spellcasters. They are known for his or her stunning song and their potential for precise speech. These colourful and intelligent birds may be skilled to mimic humanoid voices.