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animal cage

Stray cats occupy most cities—finding a free cat should pose little problem. TypePriceWeightCommon300 gp400 lbs.Combat trained450 gp250 lbs.Considered to be the fastest non-magical transport in cavernous underground realms, dire bats are domesticated in captivity to serve as riding animals. The following reared animals don’t match into one of many aforementioned classes, but can still be bought by sellers who have entry to them. Some could also be purchased already combat-educated on the GM’s discretion, and typically cost an quantity equal to 1-1/2 × the price of the standard animal.


animal cage


Owls eat small animals and insects, and can be found in nearly any surroundings. Some farmers create owl homes close to fields and barns to manage rodent populations. Farm ducks are used for eggs, meat, and down, while wild ducks are hunted for meat. These livestock animals are kept for his or her fur, meat, and conceal, and can be found in just about any civilized settlement. They are especially prized in colder environs, where their wool and conceal can be utilized to make sturdy and extremely insulated clothing. Though small, they’re excellent hunters; grain farmers often keep cats as pest control in crop storage areas.

Dire animals are not usually appropriate as mounts, though the GM may make exceptions at her discretion. Quickly start controlling the inhabitants by establishing a couple squirrel traps around your garden and yard.Live traps, also known as cage traps, allow you to catch unwelcome critters unhurt and safely release them into the wild or again to their house owners. These animal traps maintain captured animals, from stray cats to pesky raccoons, securely until you are ready to relocate them. “We need to repopulate the farm community with sensible, critical people who do it proper,” says Kirschenmann at the bottom of a sloping paddock during which a dozen or so Angus, their hides like spit-shined boots, munch grass in a chorus-line formation. This could lead to regional “food hubs” like those in Fresno, California, where space farmers are working collectively to provide nearly all of food for the community.

These cunning animals can be employed as familiars by aquatic spellcasters. If they are stored is pets, they should be kept in water, as they can not survive out of it. These Tiny birds of prey are primarily nocturnal and are identified for their eager eyes and near-silent flight.

These feral beasts are all however untamable, and are usually solely sought out by violent brawlers or cruel lords, either for brutish protection or to pit in opposition to equally vicious creatures in violent animal fights. At the GM’s discretion, PCs who acquire dire animals may be required to attempt wild empathy or Handle Animal checks daily to keep their pets from running away or attacking them and their allies.