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In February 2016, 90% of egg-laying hens in Canada lived in battery cages. The European Union Council Directive 1999/seventy four/EC banned conventional battery cages within the EU from January 2012 for welfare causes. This has led to a big decrease in the number of eggs from battery cages within the EU.

A current evaluation of welfare in battery cages made the point that such welfare issues are issues of administration, unlike the issues of behavioural deprivation, that are inherent in a system that keeps hens in such cramped and barren circumstances. Whilst there is no scientific evidence for this being a welfare downside, some animal advocates point out it is a concern. Furnished cages and some other non-cage indoor techniques would additionally stop hens seeing natural light all through their lives.

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The 2012 battery cage ban was publicised as heralding an end to caged hens throughout Europe, nevertheless it created a extensively held misconception that each one laying hens within the UK are actually both free vary or barn birds. That is not the case; although battery cages are illegal, farmers have skirted the ban by providing barely larger cages with “enrichment” corresponding to perches. The hens in these circumstances at the moment are known as “ex-cage colony hens”. Battery cages are a housing system used for varied animal production methods, but primarily for egg-laying hens. The name arises from the arrangement of rows and columns of similar cages connected collectively, in a unit, as in an artillery battery.

Although the term is normally utilized to poultry farming, related cage methods are used for different animals. Battery cages have generated controversy between advocates for animal welfare and industrial producers. The Australian Capital Territory prohibited battery cages in early 2014. The Greens were committed to additionally legally prohibit them in late 2014 in Victoria. In 2019, New South Wales Legislative Council member Emma Hurst established and chaired a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Use of Battery Cages for Hens in the Egg Production Industry. The Inquiry beneficial that all food products containing eggs from caged hens ought to be clearly labelled for the advantage of customers, and a section-out of battery cage hen farming in NSW.

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The Scientific Veterinary Committee of the European Commission said that “enriched cages and well designed non-cage systems have already been shown to have numerous welfare advantages over battery systems in their present type”. Supporters of battery husbandry contend that different systems similar to free range even have welfare problems, such as will increase in cannibalism, feather pecking and vent pecking.