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Shipping Requirements

pets cargo

Only small cats and canine can accompany you in the cabin, apart from in SAS Business where no pets/animals are allowed. Due to government regulations, pets aren’t accepted in the cabin or in the baggage compartment. However, they could journey as cargo, and all bookings have to be made through Air Canada CargoOpens in New Window. Due to authorities laws, pets are not accepted in the baggage compartment and can’t journey as cargo till further notice. You’ll have to arrive a full30 minutes priorto therecommended verify-in timefor your flight as you should see an agent at examine-in.

Main The Best Way In Animal Transportation

We even support the transportation of information canines, endangered Kiwis and Tuataras for key nationwide organisations. Check flights and weather at each metropolis on the route Air Canada Cargo follows temperature-associated restrictions when transport reside animals. Contact the Air Canada Cargo facility at the metropolis of origin in case you have any doubts about whether or not your animal can travel. People shipping their pet for the primary time usually wonder what is going to occur to their animals as soon as they are dropped off. All animals booked with AC Animals fly in the cargo hold, together with baggage and different cargo, and obtain special dealing with throughout ground transport. When animals are transported in the cargo hold the air strain and temperature are the same as in the passenger cabin.

The air the people breathe in cabin is the same air that’s circulated through the bottom of the aircraft. Every year we are trusted to move hundreds of pets and live animals round New Zealand.

pets cargo

Passengers travelling with pets can’t check in online or at airport self-service kiosks. To make sure the properly-being of all animals, the next breeds and mixes of brachycephalic and snub-nosed dogs and cats is not going to be accepted for travel as a result of dangers associated with their hereditary respiratory issues. We additionally cannot settle for historically aggressive breeds for security causes. Just like we only use pet friendly airlines that keep pets in local weather management, we solely e-book pressurized flights for all reside animal transportation.