Exotic Animal Shows & Mini Petting Zoos We Bring The Animals To You!

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Every animal at our interactive zoo has been brought up right here from infancy, in order that they’re used to socializing with people. No one can resist a hug from certainly one of our critically endangered lemurs or amazingly huggable sloths. They’ve even fashioned a family among the many different animals, lots of which they’d by no means come into contact with throughout the wild. We definitely attempt to keep this record updated the best that we will.


Similarly, the capuchin monkey is a popular unique pet, however you need to verify with your state to see if you can have one of these cheeky monkeys. A chimpanzee’s lifespan can be upwards of 50 years, that means you’re signing up for a lifelong commitment to elevating this wild animal.

Hedgehog: Exotic And Small

exotic animal

At the federal level, some animals might require a license from the U.S. Those looking to breed animals for sale, use them in analysis, transport them commercially or publicly exhibit them require licensure. Over the years, the occasional public sighting of what people think is a lion or the escape of a kangaroo captures the general public consideration. And the 2010 raid involving greater than 200 animals in Cullen’s constructing gained worldwide attention. All the fees in opposition to the reptile conservationist have been finally dismissed. Able to develop as much as forty inches tall with a 60-inch wingspan, hyacinth macaws are powerful animals.

Please contact your state’s wildlife service to verify the legal guidelines of … Read More

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Exotic Animal Shows & Mini Petting Zoos We Convey The Animals To You!

exotic animal

Care & Feeding Of Hedgehogs

If you are seeking to import a wild animal into Wisconsin, you should have an import allow and certificate of veterinary inspection. There are certain rodents you can’t import until you obtain authorization from the Department of Natural Resources. You cannot keep some dangerous native animals as pets, together with cougars, black bears, raccoons, and bobcats. Wisconsin allows the possession of monkeys however not chimpanzees as pets. Other animals that do not require a permit embody llamas, alpacas, camels, and chinchillas. Animals used for educational and exhibitory purposes need a license. Forbidden animals embrace bears, wolves, coyotes, hyenas, lions, tigers, leopards, alligators, and crocodiles.

We take pride in elevating solely the best high quality animals which receive one of the best of care and food out there. We welcome any inquiries regarding the supply of our animals. Wyoming bans huge game animals , trophy recreation , and exotic species as pets. You don’t need permits to keep home ferrets, alpacas, camels, chinchillas, llamas, and wolves .

Unique Pets + The Place They’re Authorized To Personal

Animals which might be captive-bred in the United States don’t have any risk of contracting any harmful disease as they don’t seem to be uncovered to it in any way. “Exotic” typically refers to a species which isn’t native or indigenous to the owner’s locale, and “pet” is a companion animal dwelling with folks. The worldwide group the American College of Zoological Medicine has defined the exotics group as “zoological … Read More

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