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Place the This Way Up label/tag on all four sides of the kennel. Attach a label with feeding and watering directions, and point out the date and time the animal was final fed and given water. Clearly indicate your pet’s name on the outside of the kennel. Some inflexible plastic containers will not be appropriate for big canines or canines which are robust or aggressive.

Your booking agent will offer you the relevant AC Cargo places for tendering and receiving stay shipments for your level of origin and destination. Tendering (or dropping-off) your animal is the method of consigning the animal to Air Canada Cargo for transport. Retrieving your animal is the process of selecting up the cargo at the destination location. Secure the highest and bottom parts of the kennel along with the supplied hardware. If the kennel didn’t include these labels, you can purchase them at most office supply shops or they can be offered for you when you tender the animal.

Shipments that require security screening, which are of bizarre form/size, or require particular handling could require further time. All reside shipments should be dropped-off and picked-up at devoted Air Canada Cargo amenities – not on the airport.

For a list of kennel requirements you can take with you, obtain this PDF. The shipper, consignee or proprietor complies with the foundations and rules of the tariffs and all legal guidelines, ordinances, and other governmental guidelines and laws governing transport of the shipment. Air waybill The air waybill have to be accurate and complete in all respects. It must embody the burden, variety of pieces, dimensions, nature of products, all information required by Customs and recognized/unknown security status. The air waybill must also include the situations of contract. If the kennel did not include these labels, they are often offered for you whenever you tender the animal. Place the This way Up label/tag on all four sides of the kennel.

pets cargo

Southwest LUV Vouchers, gift cards, unused travel funds and cash will not be accepted for payment of a Pet Fare. The pet carrier will depend both as the Customer’s carryon bag or personal merchandise. For each pet that’s in our care longer than 12 hours, we treat them as our family member, providing food, playtime, socializing and a shower earlier than their travels …. You can acquire pet from our cargo location at the vacation spot level of your pet’s journey. Ensure that your shipment is prepared for carriage This includes proper packaging, applicable labelling and identification and ensuring that each one shipments are in compliance with all general IATA transport necessities.